Extreme Brush Cutter w/Push Bar




72" Model Only: The three blade setup makes quick work of thick brush and large area mowing.



Blades are 1/2" thick, 18" long & 3" wide


3 Blade design for maximum cutting performance.


Recommended for brush up to 3" diameter.

Deck, push bar, 7 gauge steel deck. Parker Hydraulic Hoses, Omni Direct Drive motor w/ internal cross port, mid flow 15 to 24 gpm.


72" - 1100lbs

**Please call to select size and model**

1 (866) 811-5319

*Please Call For Current Pricing* 1-866-811-5319

Brush Hog Manual



To prevent serious injury or death  **Do not operate unless all guards are installed and in good condition.**


**Stop blade rotation if bystanders come within 300 feet.**


CAUTION: Never operate this attachment when bystanders are in proximity of the work area (300 feet) that could result in minor or serious injury from flying debris.

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